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Past trainees

Trainees from Korea

Christine Kim                       Postdoc (2019-2022)                                              Current: manager at Seegen

With Shanique.jpg
With Ngoc.jpg

Shanique Martin, B.A., 2012-2014

Past: Undergraduate student at Stanford University

Current: Medical student at Stanford University School of Medicine

Ngoc Hoang, M.S., 2013-2015

Past: Master student at San Francisco State University

Current: Research Associate, UCSF

Phoebe Um, B.A., 2013

Past: Seven Hills School

Current: Medical student, Ohio State University School of Medicine

With Diana.jpg

Diana Truong, M.S., 2011-2012

Past: Master student at San Jose State University

Current: Senior Manager, 10X genomics

Trainees from the US

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